Parade Information

For over 90 years, Palo Altans have been celebrating the children and youth of our community and the flower-scented season of spring at the annual May Fete Parade; we know how to play and have fun.

The parade will start at the corner of University and Emerson, and will end at Heritage Park.

Don’t have a group to march with?  No problem, just show up at the check-in table on Emerson at University by 9:30am on parade day and march with the KIDS ON PARADE category. Kids can march in a costume related to the theme (use your imagination and creativity), on their bikes, trikes, scooters, skates and everything else with wheels (non motorized) or come with your four-legged friends. 

Note:  Pet safety is very important. Please make sure all pets are on leashes or appropriately housed: be sure to bring water in case your pet gets thirsty and plastic bags to pick up an (ah-hem) refuse.  March with your school!  Parade with your pets!  Come and showcase how you play!

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